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No #1 Modular Operation Theatre – Altos Engineers

No #1 Modular Operation Theatre – In the operating department that requires the most integrated work, cleanliness must be maintained and the safety of facilities, equipment, and instruments must be maintained at all times.

In the department of operating where the most integrated role is needed the cleanliness of the area must be maintained and the security of equipment, facilities and devices should be guaranteed at throughout the day. In addition, the conditions for medical personnel like nurses and doctors is to be considered from a human perspective engineering. Our modular operating theater that is able to meet these requirements consists of ceiling, wall, and slanted panels. 

It can accommodate not just electrical equipment and medical gas system and lighting equipment, but also all the functions that are required and equipment that are required. Additionally it has the capacity to expand allowing for the construction of an additional facility in the near future and establishing an operational environment that is sufficient functionality and high efficiency.

Operation theatre is a specialization of the hospital in which life-saving or life-enhancing procedures are performed for the patient using surgical methods that are performed under strict aseptic conditions within an environment controlled with specially trained staff to encourage healing and cure with the highest level of safety, comfort and economic. 

It is crucial that operating theatre (OT) is constructed scientifically to guarantee cleanliness, ease of maintenance and effective use. A civil-mechanical – electronic, electrical and biomedical mix that is controlled by the needs, preferences and the safety of the medical-surgical staff form the foundation for planning beginning and running an operation theatre.

What exactly is an theatre of operation?

It’s a small and highly sterilized system that contains special air filters for controlling the airflow system inside. Certain kinds of air conditioning and handling units are utilized to enhance protection from pollutants to enhance the security of the patients. The ceilings and walls are constructed from pre-engineered panel and floors are chemically resistant and antistatic which makes the easy to put in and maintain.

Sterility To have a complete infection free of cases

  • To attain a minimal Bacteria number in of the
  • To have smooth, non-porous easy-to-clean surfaces that are easy to clean.
  • In order to reduce the need for frequent elimination of the disease.

Work-Flow Management

  • To conceal electrical wiring and a medical pipeline system
  • For a completely easy-to-use floor space, which leads to an improved facility and personal movement
  • To ensure that the lighting system is effective to function in better conditions.

Aesthetics. – Enthralling working environment

  • Effective lighting that is able to maintain levels of LUX
  • Quality of air and efficient ventilation
  • Enhancing the work environment with using different wall and floor colors.

Features of a Modular OT?

  • Continuous flow of filtering “Bacteria free” air into the operating theatre.
  • Continuous removal of contaminants from the operating theatre
  • Paint that is durable and anti-bacterial
  • Simple to maintain and clean
  • Vapour’s ability to escape, which guards against yeast growth as well as microbes
  • Wetness and Thaw resistance
  • Easy to move around and put fingers on instruments
  • It should be able to accommodate several doctors within.

Wall and the roof

Modular OT is a self-standing structure built inside a hospital. The panels of a modular OT are constructed of Steel as well as glass. A 200 micron coating of anti-microbial paint is applied on the interior of the panels that face to the OT table.

Each of the 4 corners in the room contain air ducts. A sufficient amount of space should be provided in the operating theatre to allow to make it easier for the operation process and the rest of the space is to be used for storage. The joints and cavities should be filled up with epoxy, then sanded flush to give a joint free surface.

The Laminar Air Flow Unit – – Plenum

A Modular OT comprises a laminar air flow device that delivers air into the Modular OT. Laminar flow can be defined as flowing fluid that the flow is constant with a uniform velocity and the lines of flow are parallel to one another.

The laminar flow device utilized to create Modular OTs

  • Controlling the humidity and temperature of the space
  • Help in the elimination and dissolution of the waste aesthetic gasses
  • To dilute airborne bacterial contamination
  • To regulate the flow of air in the department, so that the airborne bacteria is low.


The lights of Modular OT are attached to the ceilings. Effective and clear lighting is essential to the success of. The lighting systems integrated into the system provide illumination more than 1300lux.


Pendants are utilized in Modulate OTs to facilitate the placement of medical gas pipelines Equipment, as well as other equipment. They can be fixed at varying levels and distances.

Pendants offer

  • Medical gas supply
  • Electric power supply
  • Data points
  • Shelves for some equipment
  • Drawers to store accessories
  • The mounting of medical devices and other devices

Hermetically sliding door

The reason for using a hermetically sliding doors is to ensure the proper air pressure within the modular OT. Additionally, Hermetically sliding doors consume smaller space when compared to hinges or other kinds of doors. The door must have rubber wheels, and be able to run on a nylon platform to minimize the impact. Doors can be controlled by a computer or manually operated. They should also be operated by hand in case when power fails.

OT Control panel

The OT Control panel is an electrical control panel that is fixed onto the wall in the modular OT. Nearly 9 kinds of controls are able to be hung to the panel. The controls can be used to control medical gas Medical equipment, Ventilation system…

Anti-Static Flooring

Anti-static flooring is utilized in the fields where static may cause damage or interference to equipment and employees. Anti-static industrial flooring blocks the production of electrostatic discharge, also known as ESD which is the wave of static electricity which occurs when a charged individual or surface comes in contact with an object.

The continuous flow of purified ‘bacteria-free air is recalculated with an air handling units under positive pressure. It is then pumped into the operational area via ceiling suspended in a laminar stream of air.

Modular Operation Theater – Modular OT For Hospital Operating Room

Modern modular theaters for operation are popular because of the flexibility of running operations. Inquire Modular OTs hospital operating room.

Differentialities in Modular as well as Conventional OT

Learn the distinctions of Modular as well as Conventional OT. Modular Operation theatres refer to operation theatres built using glass and metal ceilings as well as walls within a hospital to create the ideal conditions to operate on patients.

Modular Operation Theatre – Key Benefits Requirements – Altos Engineers

The operating theater in any hospital is an area that is conceived to ensure safety and to save lives. As it develops the simpler to access.

Advanced Modular Operation Theatre – Altos Engineers

Modular Operation Theatre is a contemporary concept of operation theatre that incorporates all the latest technology is introduced.

Modular surgeon control for operation theatre panel Altos Engineers

Our company would like to present ourselves as ISO certified manufacturer and supplier of Modular Operation Theaters. We don’t do any assembly work for Modular Operation Theatres. Find out more information here: Altos Engineers.

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