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Modular Operation Theater & Modular OT Equipments

Modular Operation Theatre for Hospital - Modular OT - Modular Operation Theater
Modular Operation Theatre for Hospital - Modular OT - Modular Operation Theater

Introduction of Modular Operation Theater & Modular OT Equipments

What is Modular Operation Theater? A continuous flow of highly  clean bacteria free air is more circulated using the Air Handling Unit under positive pressure in the operating area by Ceiling Suspended Laminar Air Flow.  Modular operation theaters are operation theaters that are built inside a hospital with metal and glass ceilings and walls to provide the patient with the optimum position for the operation.

Modular operating theaters that meet those conditions have wall, ceiling, and slant panels, and are capable of containing not only electrical equipment, medical gas systems, and lighting gear, but all necessary functions and equipment if needed.

Our Altos Engineers team believes that modular operating theater technology should continually advance the safety and accuracy of the surgical team. The medical technology should improve the workflow for clinicians. Interfaces must be intuitive and familiar, consistent between workstations to reduce the risk of error. Innovative workplace design and clinical data management can enhance patient safety while also supporting a high OT output with maximum flexibility.

What Exactly is Modular Operation Theater?

The ceiling-mounted laminar airflow is used to calculate a continuous flow of highly-filtered, ‘bacteria-free’ air. The temperature and humidity can be adjusted to the client’s requirements and will reduce the growth of bacteria. Bacteria dies the fastest at 45-50 RH. The return air riser is used to remove the air and field contaminants generated during surgery. This paint can last up to 10 years, depending on its use.

Why Us?

  • Operation Theatre is designed according to NABH guidelines.
  • Installation is performed by a technician who is technically qualified and has been trained.
  • Installation is fast and coordinated as per the architect’s approval.
  • Modular Operating Theatre Systems can be used to upgrade existing conventional Operating rooms.
  • Different CNC/Laser cutting machines for accurate dimensions and finishes.
  • Individualized solutions for individual needs and surgical requirements
  • The wall panel can be made from stainless steel sheet or galvanized sheet.
  • Complete design and construction of Operation Theatre as per the customer’s layout
  • Hermetic seal on hospital OT doors
  • T SS cabinets & trolleys
  • Compact air conditioner for less space.
  • Air curtains, Pass Boxes & Scrub Sink etc…

What We Offer:

  • The design and installation of Modular Operation Theatres is based on the heat load and type.
  • Laminar air flow, Air Handling Unit
  • Hermetically sealed doors
  • Modular Operation Theatres Panel, Modular Operation Theatres Scrub sink, Modular Operation Theatres Pass-box, Operation Theatres Light.
  • Complete Turnkey Projects with Design.

Why Choose A Modular OT System?

Altos Engineers collaborates with the best professionals in the health sector to research and develop solutions that meet the needs of the customers, and ensure the efficiency of the hospital’s work.

Owners and users have many reasons to choose modular OT for the reconstruction or new construction of buildings. The main ones are:

  • Hygiene properties
  • Quick Installation
  • Resistant to disinfectants
  • Surfaces antibacterial reduce the risk of infection
  • Easy disassembly is possible.
  • Conduits behind the built-in
  • Modern Design

Altos Engineers has introduced a new operating theatre generation to provide optimal conditions for surgeons, patients and surgical teams. We have designed a modular system that is flexible in terms of materials, space and installation elements. This allows us to incorporate modern technologies while meeting the highest standards.

Designed specifically for the construction and installation of modular operating theatres systems, as well as modular support facilities. The system is designed to meet the highest standards of sanitation, ease of cleaning and disinfection.

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