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Laminar Air Flow

Laminar Air flow ventilation is used in modern operating theatres to reduce the number of infective organisms present in the air, which may lead to post operative infection of the wound. We are manufacturing and supplying a quality precession engineered Laminar Air Flow Units for Operation Theatre, which is manufactured with international quality standards.


  • Microbiological manipulations
  • Bio-assays and sterility testing
  • Provides protection for open vessels of chemicals, solvents or powders
  • Operations in parenteral production, hospitals, food and beverage, agriculture, animal husbandry, avionics and biotechnology

    Technical Specifications​

  • Product Code : ALT – 627
  • Fluorescent light standard, UV sterilization bulbs available
  • Side panels ensure effective laminar flow
  • Involves low-risk substances
  • Provides dust free air space 
  • Robust in construction
  • Good finish
  • Longer life


  • Cleanliness class : 100
  • Particle retention : 0.3micron
  • Velocity : 90FPM+20%
  • Illumination : 750-800 lumens
  • Noise level : 60-65 db
  • Standard : FED 209E
  • Power supply : 220 single phase
  • MOC : SS & MS Powder

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