PVC STRIP CURTAIN - 200 x 2 mm

1. Reduces heat loss for a more comfortable working environment.

2. Reduce dust and material contamination between two areas
3. Reduce insect nuisance, Reduce visibility in sensitive areas, Maintain access
4. Reduce noise levels (health and safety)
5. Maintain cold temperatures in fridges and freezers
6. Suitable for Doorways and partitions of all sizes. Ideal for use in Warehouses, Food Processing Environments, Manufacturing, Butchers, Bakers 00etc.
Advantages of PVC Strip Curtains :
1. Unlimited access by vehicles and Pedestrians
2. Energy conservation
3. Increased Efficiency on the shop floor
4. Rounded edges to avoid injury to Pedestrians
5. Effective reduction in heat, cold and humidity-loss, noise and dust transmission Improved working environment
6. Prevents birds, flies, dust, fumes etc. from entering the working area
7. Maintenance free requiring an occasional wash with plain water and / or colins
They Are ideal for :
1. Automobile Industry Textile Mills
2. Cold Storages, Ice-Cream Units
3. Food / Meat Processing Units
4. Hotels
5. Pharmaceuticals & Engineering Industry
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